Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26th. It doesn't really seem possible that Christmas has already came and went. Yesterday was a flurry of activity and fun. The boys awoke a little after six. They were under strict orders not to open the gifts from Santa until Chris (a.k.a. Dad) got home from his overnight shift. Starting at 6:30 a.m., Caleb (7 yrs) contintually called Chris on his cell phone. Chris's cell phone was off that morning, but Chris said the voice messages were hilarious. They went something like this:

Call #1: Dad where are you?

Call #2: Dad where are you?

Call #3: Dad where are you?

...Call #53ish: He's not answering. He must be on his way!

When Chris arrived home, he was greeted like a rock star. Present opening could commence. The boys wasted no time tearing off wraping paper, loosening boxes and then gasping at their new possessions.

The morning was magical and a little sad at the same time. Does Christmas really only have to come once a year?

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