Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dreamie Date Night

Last night Chris and I took a "vacation from parenting." For the first time in over a year we spent 22 hours by ourselves! Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa took 15 hours (10 hours with sleeping kids!) and a babysitter took the remainder. We made the 1 1/2 hour commute down to Bloomington, Indiana to enjoy a nice dinner, a basketball game and the chance to sleep in! We had an amazing time.

It's funny after you have kids (especially four kids), what things you appreciate when you have time all alone. We ate at a restaurant that did not include a drive up window, plastic utensils or even a children's menu. While at the hotel, we watched TV shows that did not include animated characters or tween singing sensations. We went to a store and didn't worry about whether someone would knock over a mannequin or climb onto the sweater table (both have been done before).

The best part is we really had a chance to talk. We were both pleased to discover we actually had things to talk about other than our kids. The conversation flowed and at times we both laughed until our bellies ached. The kids were discussed some. The best part about talking to Chris about our kids is that he loves them just as much as I do. He'll listen intentenly while I shamelessly brag. And, I can freely spill sorid details about a child's misbehavior knowing in the end he's feelings haven't changed about that child.

Our babysitter, Denise, appeared to do great with the kids. She did say, "Caleb thought he was watching me all morning until I convinced him I was actually watching him." That's my strong willed child. I'm sure he smelled fresh meat and was hoping to take charge of the situation. Fortunately Denise is not one to cower to anyone, let alone a tough minded seven year old.

Chris and I agreed we should make more time for each other. It was a good reminder for me. Seems like most of my time get devoted to males under the age of eight. 38 year old boys need attention too!

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