Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Madness at the Mall

I actually braved the mall-fortunately with only two boys in tow. My mall experience began in the parking lot. I went to retrieve the stroller from the car trunk. The trunk door was stuck. I must have made quite a sight in the parking lot of our upscale mall. I had one foot on the ground and one foot on the bumper. My hands were grasping the handle and I must have yanked it a thousands times before I admitted defeat. The thought of entering the mall sans stroller sent chills up my spin. But, I though, if I can survive childbirth four times and potty training three times, surely I can handle a trip to the mall without the help of a little thing like a stroller. As I'm getting the kids out of the car, my three year old starts yelling repetitively, "Pee get out of my pants. " I was praying he was joking until I noticed the soaked pants. Another setback. But, I'm not a quitter. I'm not going to let a caged stroller and soiled pants stop our Christmas shopping.

We entered the mall, I'm sure we were quite a sight. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a new pair of pants from Baby Gap. I informed the cashier of the reason for the purchase and she acted like this was an every day occurrence (feeling a little better about that!).

Next we entered Banana Republic to exchange a sweater for my husband. I purchased a medium sweater for his birthday and he informed me that he is actually a large. Confidently I approached the cashier and requested the appropriate size. She asked, "Do you have the receipt?" I immediately displayed the sweater receipt. She informed me it was the wrong receipt. She asked, "Was it on my credit card?" No, actually it was on my friends. At this point she said I'd have to keep the sweater. Now I was mad. I was even more determined that ever to complete my mission. At this point I was seriously considering dropping the tight sweater snatching the right sweater and making a run for the door (the kids could catch up right?). All I wanted was the peacock blue crew cut sweater in a large. I was not asking her to divulge issues of national security, trade secrets or even her weight. Just give me the peacock blue crew cut sweater! I think she became aware that I was teetering on the edge of doing something completely insane when she offered me the emerald green crew cut sweater in a large. It was a deal.

Of course, we celebrating our victory with a mall cookie. The sweet taste of victory.

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