Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today is Sunday. I did one of my least favorite things today: take all four boys to church by myself. To make things more complicated, Caleb (7 yrs) had to go to "big church" because his Sunday School was on Christmas break. I got all the little ones dropped off in their classrooms, and Caleb and I found seats in the sanctuary. The service began great. We sang some beautiful Christmas hymns and Caleb snuggled up close to me. He finally whispered in my ear, "I wish Dad was here." I thought, how sweet he wants to enjoy this memory with his Dad too. He then finished his thought, "I wish Dad was here with his iPhone so I could watch videos on it." O.K., I guess that's not the sappy moment I was anticipating.

For entertainment, Caleb brought a stuffed duffle bug into the service. After the musical portion of the service ended we sat for the sermon, he then opened the bag. The first thing he retrieved from the bag was a full sized football. He whispered to me, "Do you want to play catch?" I said, "Caleb I was thinking you would bring in a coloring book or maybe a Bible, but a football?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

A few minutes later I notice my number flashing on the paging system. Having your number flashed at church is never a good thing. They don't flash your number because they want to tell you how great your child colored a picture or how wonderful a child is sharing with his classmates. They flash your number because either:
a) Your child is vomiting;
b) Your child took a tumble and is bleeding profusely; or
c) Your child has done something really, really, really bad.

Of those choices I would prefer a or b. Unfortunately, Cooper (3 years) was paged for reason c or "acts of rebellion." He refused to participate in the church lesson and the craft. I was disappointed in his behavior and a little humiliated.

At that point I decided to call it a day, and retrieve all the kids from their classes. We went to pick up Connor (5 years) from his class. The class was in the middle of a lesson. I tried to slip into the classroom and I whispered to the teacher, "I need to pick up Connor early today." Caleb then proceeds to yell really loud, "Yah, Cooper had a meltdown and we had to leave early." I could feel my face turn redder as all eyes fell on our family. I grabbed Connor's arms and scurried him out of the classroom.

I snatched the baby from the nursery and the five of us made a beeline for the car.

Punishments were inflicted at home. He felt the most painful punishment was not getting the special lunch the others boys received after church.

I shed some tears again feeling like the worst mom in the world. Again, I was glad for nap time (a.k.a. "Mom's Mental Health Hour") to regroup and remind myself chances are he won't end up in jail; he is only three. I hope next Sunday goes better.

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