Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Wisdom

I am two days shy of turning 36! As I reflect on the last 36 years, I have to say I've learned a couple of things. Here are some things I've learned in my three plus decades on Earth:

-Everything taste better with peanut butter on it

-Never use baby oil to expidite the tanning process

-No one's hair looks good with Sun-In, frizzy perms or a crimping iron

-Double check a restaurant leftover container for foil before you pop it in the microwave (learned that the hard way)

-It is possible to do $3,000 damage to a vehicle and never hit anything (true story!)

-My parents actually knew what they were doing all those years and made parenting look easier than it actually is

-Testing out new recipes on dinner guests is not a good idea

-Some women were just not meant to experience natural childbirth

-Cheetos do taste better than brocolli, unfortunately

-Be the friend you want to have

-Take advantage of all your time (36 years went by in a flash)

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