Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break Conclusion

It's official. Christmas break is over. I have to say I feel like a survivor. I survived the last fourteen days in close quarters with four rambunctious little boys hyped up on the excitement of Christmas. We had some really amazing moments in the last two weeks, but some crazy times too.

Monday mornings mean three of my kids are in school. At drop off I noticed all the moms seemed to have a little more spring in their step, more kind words were exchanged and smiles abounded. With drop-off complete, most moms made the block commute to their sanctuary, "Target." At 9:05 the parking lot was filled with minivans. As the moms exited their vehicles, it looked a lot like the scene from Braveheart. I could almost hear them yell in chorus, "Freedom" as they stormed the store. Once inside I noticed the Starbucks was packed and a line was quickly forming around the diet coke dispenser. The morning was spent swapping break stories, snagging discounted Christmas items and rummaging through aisles at a nice slow pace.

I have to say I miss my boys when they are in school, but as they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Christmas break was a little more challenging with my third son, Cooper. He is as cute as a button, but what some would refer to as a "spitfire" or "pistol." There are no areas in our house that cannot become accessible to his little three year old physique. Candy at the apex of the pantry? No problem. Cutting knives at the pinnacle of the cabinet? Piece of cake. Yard tools on the top shelf in the garage? Like that's hard! He has a gift. The gift to know how to find random household items, strategically place them together and reach his coveted destination. Overturned laundry baskets, empty shoeboxes, pots and pans, whatever he can find can easily be turned into a tool for climbing. I hope he uses his gift for good someday. I can imagine him a member of the Special Operations. They've come to a point in a mission where they need to scale a huge wall to retrieve some sort of super bad guy. Everyone turns to watch Cooper do his magic because they know he has the gift. Bad guys are caught. Cooper's the hero.

Today life seems back to normal. We all seem happier with some sort of routine. But in the back of my mind I think, "How many weeks do I have until summer break?"

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