Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Another couple of days filled with laughter and tears. The laughter centered a lot around Cooper. Where to begin? For starters, he decided it was time to wear makeup. Of course, he came to this conclusion while I was busy; why bother with a pesky thing like permission? A few minutes later, he appeared downstairs with a blackened face from his mascara application. I guess we'll have to work on his technique.

Another point of the day, I noticed a red substance covering his face and hands. I began to panic thinking he may be bleeding profusely. On a closer look I discovered it was red food coloring. I almost didn't want to check the pantry, afraid of what I may find. Unfortunately, the pantry looked like what I expected: a crime scene in a murder mystery with red liquid plastering the wall and floors. At the point I was definitely seeing red in more ways than one.

The final funny moment came yesterday morning. I woke up and checked on Cooper. He wasn't in his bed, bedroom or bathroom. I began to panic. I think I've seen one to many Law and Order episodes because I immediately concluded that he'd been abducted. I continued to search with no luck. Just because I had exhausted all other locations, I checked our linen closet. Sure enough, there he was on the floor of the closet. Amid his giggles, he couldn't explain why or how he ended up there.

As for the tears, we sought a second opinion today on Caleb. The doctor affirmed the prior diagnosises and added ADD. I guess I'm not surprised. I kind of feel like he just placed a name on something we already knew. Again, I'm trying to remain optimistic. We have a diagnosis, a plan and hope, and most importantly prayer.

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  1. We love the Wood Boys! Mica was just asking about "coopey" the other day, so i'll have to let her know what he has been up to! :) Also, Caleb is so lucky to have such loving, thoughtful, caring parents as you and Chris! You are doing a great job! :) xoxo