Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reflections on Motherhood

We took the kids swimming at the Monon Center today. It was a fun way to pretend we were somewhere warm where we could just frolic around in our swim suits. At the pool, I saw a dear friend from church. She also is a mother of four children born in quick succession. We were reflecting on our experiences with motherhood when she made this comment, "I know this is bad, but sometimes I don't feel like doing it anymore. You know, being a mother." She blushed a little bit after uttering her remarks and looked like she wished she could snag the words back. I was a little surprised at her candor and then relieved that someone else said it. Sometimes I too have had it. It's not fun cleaning up bodily fluids from the bathtub (yes, that happened today). I'm not overjoyed that I spend the majority of my day changing diapers, potty training and doing dishes. I guess we all have those days where we feel like we've "had it."

But, there are the days where you baby hugs you for the first time. He doesn't just put his arms around your neck. You feel actual pressure on your skin and know he is actually trying to communicate a feeling of love. There are days when one of your children refers to his brother as his "best friend." There are days when you are having so much fun with your kids that you think you wish the moment would not end and think this is what you envisioned parenthood to be.

One of my friend's daughters brought her mom in for show and tell. The topic? Something more precious than gold. On that day I can guarantee you my friend knew why she was a mother.

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