Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day's Recreations and Revelations

"Snow, snow, go away." No time soon I think. Four of us spent the day holed up in the house. I always picture a snow day to include such magical times. I imagine us doing crafts, baking cookies and exchanging lots of hugs and pleasantries. Here's the reality: the boys are completely bored and find outrageous ways to entertain themselves. Their newest source of entertainment: the human pinball machine. Here's how it work. One boy stands at the top of the stairs to the basement with my humongous exercise ball. Another boy (usually a smaller one who is more naive) stands at the bottom of the stairs. The boy holding the huge ball yells, "Human pinball" as he hurls the ball directly towards the petrified brother. It always ends in tears on one end and giggles on the other. Another source of entertainment has been creating their own "indoor water slide." Three boys sit in the Christmas tree box (OK, I admit our tree isn't down yet!) at the top of the stairs. Then one brother pushes the box down the stairs. Totally dangerous, but providing lots of entertainment.

My oldest son had a really hard day yesterday. After prodding, he revealed he was having a problem at school. Evidently another kid (supposedly a good friend of his) has been telling Caleb that no one likes him. We sat on his bed and talked for awhile. First, we talked about how good friends treat you kindly and don't say things that hurt. Second, we talked about being kind even when others aren't. Finally, we talked about not letting others make us feel bad. We control our feelings.

At the end of our conversation I felt like the person that got the most out of our talk was me. During all of our challenges with Caleb, I've learned to appreciate true friends who show constant compassion and support. I've learned to maintain kindness to those who have shown acrimony during our struggles (the hardest part for me). Finally, I've learned Caleb's challenges are hard to take as a parent, but ultimately I have control over how I feel about the situation. Right then I decided I would no longer be a passive parent, letting my emotions hang on every hiccup in Caleb's life. It was my "Rocky" moment. Even though I'm feeling pretty beaten up, I'm ready to get back up and fight. I'm not giving up on Caleb and I'm more determined then ever that we're going to win!

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