Thursday, January 21, 2010

Story Time Struggles

Yesterday was Cooper's library story time. About 20 three and four year olds (and their caregivers) packed a small class room. Upon entering the classroom I became aware that the moms could easily be segregated into two groups. The first group consisted of the perfectly coiffed, put together moms. You know the moms with monogrammed diaper bags, children dressed beautifully in polo shirts and a full stash of hand sanitizer ready to be dispensed on a moments' notice should their child touch anything remotely messy or germ infected. Group B consisted of the more frazzled moms. The moms clad in sweats covered in remnants of breakfast (maybe breakfast from the day before!), accompanying crusty nose kids and pushing a stroller that looks like a wheel may break free.

Immediately my gaze fell upon a mom who could be classified in Group B. She was toting two little squirmy boys. One was on a verge of a meltdown. The second looked like he was in serious need of the services of some tissue paper. The class began and as I suspected son #1 was not feeling like today was his day to sing "The Wheels on the Bus." He immediately made his feelings known to his mother and all other members of the class who were interested and within earshot. His mother blushed, scooped up her two young sons and fled the classroom.

After class, I took my boys to eat a goldfish snack in the lobby. The Blushing Mom was in the lobby too, two boys in tow. We struck up a conversation.

She just moved from Wisconsin.
Must be hard, I thought.

All her friends work. She stays home.
One more challenge, I imagined.

Her three year old refused to potty train.
Gotta love strong willed boys, I mused.

She was embarrassed about class.
Been there, I sighed.

At that moment I felt a connection. We were two sweat wearing, squirmy kid carrying, not have all the answers moms. What we did know is motherhood becomes easier when another mother is just there to say, "It's hard. Keep going. You're doing fine. Week two will be better."

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