Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teacher's Words Transcend The Classroom

One would assume a family with four sons would be spending a lot of time on the sports' fields. For our family, so far, that has not be the case. Our oldest son, especially, has opted for the library over the sports field. So, when we heard about children's science classes offered at Purdue, we knew we found a match. Despite being IU alums, we made a commitment to venture into black and gold country for the next six weeks so our son could do something he truly enjoys.

On Saturday I took him to his first class. Because Chris was working, I took all four boys on the hour commute to the Purdue campus. After dropping Caleb off at class, the younger boys scampered around the Chick Fil A playground. The second half of the morning they took a swim lesson at the local YMCA. It was fun to watch the younger boys frolic around in the liquid basin.

After their class, I suddenly realized time was tighter than I thought. The boys quickly threw on dry clothes and scurried to the car. We sped towards campus. Once we hit campus, we found a spot (OK, we parked illegally!). I looked at my watch: 11:59. We had one minute to get to Caleb's class. I tried to usher the boys quickly out of the car. Right at that moment Connor decides to take a huge bite out of his brother's coveted snack. Cooper let out a huge wail. From the sounds of the screams, someone might have assumed he had been shot. This was enough to put this seemingly calm mom over the edge. Let's just say I didn't use my Mary Poppins voice when I again instructed the kids to get out of the car. (I'll admit it wasn't my best mom moment.)

Once the kids were out of the car, Cooper is still sobbing and deeply distraught. I'm holding his 25 pound brother and pushing a stroller while encouraging the boys to pick up the pace. Even with our favorable parking spot, the building was still quite a distance. What is it about college campuses that everything involves so much walking!? I'm amazed anyone can gain the freshman 15 with the amount of physical activity involved to just get to one classroom.

We finally make it to Caleb's classroom (a little late). Caleb was smiling. His teacher told me not once, but twice, that he did a great job. At that moment I thought the individual who coined the adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" got it wrong! Words are the most powerful things a person can radiate. I know! When you have a child with challenges and you don't hear a lot of encouraging comments, those instances when someone makes a positive remarks are priceless.

Despite the morning chaos, I'm glad Caleb is taking the class. That teacher may a difference in two lives that morning. Caleb learned a lot from his teacher, but I think the person who got the most out of the morning was me.

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  1. I'm so glad he had such a great experience. I think you have a future Boiler on your hands! :) Way to go Caleb! :)