Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Treasures

For his seventh birthday, Caleb received a quartz mining kit from a friend. It was just the sort of thing you would get as a present and never actually buy for your own child. The reasoning? It made a complete mess of our house! The box consisted of a big slab of congealed gravel and sand accompanied by a tiny miners' pick. The child was to use the pick to chisel away at the gravel until hidden quartz and crystal pieces were discovered within the slab. Caleb absolutely loved it. The opportunity to make a complete mess and work with a tool that may lead to an ER visit was thrilling for him. Our house looked like we lived on the beach for weeks. Sand and gravel residue could be found in every nook and cranny.

About a month later my birthday rolled around. Caleb surprised me with a beautiful pink crystal (my favorite color) he had retrieved from his mining kit. I was incredibly touched! I treasure all the gifts from my children, but this gift was really special to me. I thought about how much the gift was truly symbolic of that child and our relationship. By just examining the kit's gravel slab, who would imagine beautiful crystals lie under the surface? Yet, with a little work the hard surface can be eroded and the beauty exposed. Caleb is like the slab. He has a tough exterior and some may not be aware of all the gems lying under his surface. Yet, we've been chiseling away at the hard patches exposing more and more of the beauty. I'm hoping one day we can drop our picks because the rough surface has been eliminated and all that remains are luminous treasures.

I'm keeping the crystal in a safe place. I'm going to regift it to him once all of the treasures surface.

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