Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dynamic Duo Works as a Team

We declared today, "Bathroom Cleaning Day." (You can just imagine how Caleb felt about this declaration.) It's one of those "wish I didn't have to" kind of days, but the need greatly outweighed all personal feelings on the activity. In case you've wondered if we actually have four boys, you can find the proof by looking at the bathrooms. What I've learned about boys is that aiming and hitting the toilet must be a skill learned over time. It certainly has not been mastered by my three potty trained males. I've got the walls, floors and counters to demonstrate that fact.

Chris and I began our scrubbing and shining of the sinks, commodes, and tubs. Connor and Cooper decided they wanted to partake in the cleaning process too. One was clad in a Power Ranger's uniform. The other adorned Batman garb. Both boys chose a cleaning product and a roll of paper towels. The dynamic duo decided to tackle their nemesis: the spots and stains on the walls and baseboards. They found their first opponent: a smear of (hopefully) chocolate encrusted upon the wall. The boys drew their weapons. One clutched a bottle of Fantastic and the other grasped a Windex container. They uttered, "Ready, aim, fire." The boys unleashed the cleaning products on the unsuspected spot. Then came their second round of ammunition: paper towels. With all of their superhero might, they scrubbed until the spot admitted defeat and disappeared.

What we noticed was their cleaning was subpar at best, but the experience was thrilling to observe. We watched in amazement as the boys shared, cooperated, encouraged each other and enjoyed the process. We were thrilled. Who knew cleaning could bring out the "superheroes" in our two boys?!

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