Friday, February 19, 2010

The remedy for heartache

Yesterday Chris came home from work and saw that I had a burn on my arm. He asked me if it hurt. I said, "No, that's not the body part that hurts right now." I pointed to my heart and said, "It hurts here." In fact, my heart doesn't actually hurt, but more aches. The last couple of days Caleb has had some really rough moments causing the aching to intestify.

The situation is a challenge, but I'm trying not to ask "why me?" I've heard people who are in formidable situations can't move forward if they dwell on the "whys." Rather, the people who flourish in difficult situations: accept the situation, learn how to make it better, and find the good in the midst of a challenge.

Trying to abide by this philosophy, I called my church with an offer to intitate a support group for special needs' families. A church employee called me back. She excitedly announced that she and the pastor couldn't believe my message. She said they had been discussing the need for a special needs' support group when I left the message. I said, "I bet you were shocked with the timing of my call." She replied, "Not really, this sort of thing happens all the time."

Her comments hit home. I was reminded that: 1) God is in control, 2) He promises to work all things for good, and 3) I can trust him. This situation is out of my hands, and in the hands of someone even better.

I think I've found the remedy for my aches.

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