Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Blessing of Mom Friends

I'm extremely grateful to have "mom" friends. The friends who understand firsthand the joys, challenges and stresses of raising little kids while keeping everything else together, including the friendship. My friend, Ali, is one such friend. Our motherhood journeys are so similar they almost converge: both moms of four, children almost identical in age, ER doc husbands, and fellow runners. It was a connection from the beginning. Fortunately the friendship has only grown stronger as we've dug deeper into each other's lives during playdates, early morning runs and phone calls from the car in the midst of ferrying our kids between activities.

This morning Ali and I enjoyed an early morning run, kid free! We laughed at silly stories and shared recent events in our family's lives. At the end of our run, Ali asked if Caleb could accompany her son, Cole, to a movie at his school. I was touched, almost to the point of tears. You see, Ali knows this invitation is a big deal. She knows Caleb doesn't receive many such requests. To me, Ali's invitation means she doesn't see Caleb as a diagnosis or slew of symptoms. She views him as a seven year old boy that likes movies and could experience that with some peers.

It makes me realize the best friends are the ones who can do the littlest things that make the biggest impact!

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