Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Come on Spring!

It has become apparent that the boys are in desperate need of spring. Cabin fever has hit big time in our house. It was a huge disappointment to the boys that March 1st did not immediately bring warm weather like they were anticipating.

Trying to release a little of that bottled up energy, I took two of the boys to the Trader's Point indoor playground. Trader's Point Christian Church is a huge church near our house. The church constructed a massive indoor playground within their facility and allows families (regardless of church affiliation) to play. The playarea is so extensive it makes McDonalds and Chick Fil A playareas seem petite. The good thing about Trader's Point is it's clean, it's kid friendly and it's FREE. That being said, it is a hot spot for local families.

The boys and I entered the playland about 10 a.m. Traders Point playland at 10 a.m. on a cold, winter morning is like happy hour for the under five crowd. The place was packed. The energy level over the top. I don't know what was bouncing higher: the kids or the balls. The walls were lined with moms (and an occasional dad) clutching a Starbucks or a McDonalds Diet Coke. They were conversing with the other moms and occasionally monitoring their toddlers at play. Periodically a mom would leave her wall post to break up a spat or change a diaper. Juice boxes flowed and goldfish containers lined the walls ready to be dispensed.

The boys (mostly Cooper) happily jumped into the mix. They raced up stairs, barreled down the slides, hurled the balls, grasped rope ladders, tumbled onto the mats, and ran like they had been sitting in the house for months.

It may not be spring yet, but today it felt closer.

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