Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letter of Explanation

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sunday School Teacher:

I wanted to write a letter to explain my children's appearances at Sunday School this morning. You see, I did church and church preparation alone this morning (hubby was working). There's four of them and one of me. You see the problem, right!?

The morning started out great. I awoke before the boys and prepared their favorite breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes. The boys devoured the hotcakes and then agreeably returned to their rooms to exchange their pajamas for church clothes. Church clothes tend to be a real hot button issue for the boys. It's no small feat to get them to trade their superhero embellished shirts for collared and button up garb. I don't know if it was the pancakes or something else, but they agreeably slipped into their nice church duds.

I was beginning to feel confident that we would actually arrive at church on time and dressed appropriately. I was the last member of the family to get ready. On a day like today, when I'm doing it alone, prep time is minimal. I slap on some deodorant, run a brush through my hair and try to throw on just enough makeup to conceal those wrinkles. I instructed the boys to play nicely and I quickly pulled myself together for church.

About ten minutes later I emerged from the bedroom. I was shocked to see the boys' appearances had been altered during my short hiatus. While I was primping they decided to forgo the legos and books. Instead they decided to color with permanent black marker (fortunately on paper) while helping themselves to a second round of gooey chocolately pancakes. Their crisp clean shirts were now covered in black marks and streaks. Blotchy chocolate smudges adorned their hands, face and clothing. And, I think Cooper took those few moments to rearrange his hair to resemble a peacock.

A wet rag removed the smudges from all body parts. Time constraints meant the soiled clothes would have to be worn to church and the hair would remain.

I know you must have been a little surprised to see their disheveled appearance. Just know attempts were made to bring clean, well dressed boys to church. But, I think God just wants them to be at church, regardless of whether they're wearing spotless khakis or perfectly coiffed hair. The boys were there and that was enough for today.

Hope things go better next week!


Wood Boys' Mom

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