Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Squirrels are better than swings

I took three boys to our local park this afternoon. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. Our park has amazing play equipment: a plethora of swings, slides and monkey bars. The boys had more than enough recreational apparatuses to keep them occupied. However, I wasn't surprised to see them engaged in the play equipment for only a few minutes before they moved on to their true passions: sticks, rocks and park animals.

They moved to sticks first. The beauty of sticks is their uses are endless. The boys first just enjoyed picking them up. The bigger the stick, the more fun it is to move. Then they threw the sticks. Merely tossing a fallen birch branch made the boys absolutely giddy.

After the sticks, the boys moved on to rocks. Again, my boys can spend hours hurling rocks just about anywhere (except at each other! We've had to work on that.)

After the rocks, Cooper noticed the park was full of squirrels. These furry creatures looked like loads of fun and the perfect pet. Cooper would sit and watch a nearby squirrel. Just when the squirrel was feeling confident that this kid was involved with sticks and rocks and was not the least bit interested in him, Cooper would pounce. Cooper would make a flying leap towards the direction of the squirrel. I can just imagine the squirrel seeing his life flash before his eyes as a three year old boy was barreling towards him. Of course the squirrel would begin to scamper away from this crazed three year old. This didn't stop Cooper, he would sprint after the (now) petrified squirrel. Each squirrel was just a wee bit faster than Cooper but this didn't stop Cooper from make every attempt to befriend his furry pals for the remainder of our time in the park.

I'm glad we enjoyed some time at the park, but I think we could have experienced the same fun at home.

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