Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That Mom

I was that mom today. The mom who got everyone ready for the day but herself. (Therefore, the mom who ended up in sweats all day!) The mom whose one year old smeared peanut butter all over her (amazingly) clean shirt. (I was nervous to be around anyone with a peanut allergy!) The mom who wore pants blanketed with applesauce remnants from standing in direct proximity of a plunging applesauce container. The mom who received a bad report from her son's school and left the carpool line quite distressed. The mom who fully intended to keep a tidy house but ended up with a counter full of "stuff." The mom who sought to make a wonderful homemade dinner but served her family defrosted cuisine and leftovers. The mom who wished she had used softer tones and more encouraging words to her kids. The mom who intended to go to bed hours ago but knew dishes, dirt and laundry don't magical disappear overnight.

The mom who is hoping tomorrow she will be that mom. You know, the mom she aspires to me.

1 comment:

  1. You are a great mom! You're right - tomorrow is a new day! (and there is nothing wrong with wearing sweats!) :)