Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weather to celebrate

Yesterday we experienced something we haven't felt in months: 60 degrees! It was like the plug was pulled on winter and spring rushed in to claim its spot. Neighbors emerged from their winter cocoons. In those months, babies converted into toddlers. Preteens transformed into teenagers. Neighbors swapped stories from their dormant winter months. Adolescents relished the time with neighbor friends unseen since the first snow touched the ground months before.

My boys loved it! We spent hours basking in the (gasp) sunshine and mild weather. They played pirates and good guys for awhile. The Wood boys snatched the good guy roles. In case you're wondering what a good guy wears, here's their version: a tennis racket stuffed in the neck of their shirt so the racket head cradles their skull, bike pads adhered to their forearms, winter boots adorned their feet, bike helmets rested on their noggin, and their hands clutched a weapon (a.k.a. stick).

As they were happily playing, I began to chat with a neighbor. We were in the middle of our discussion when she began to laugh. I turned around to see that the boys had ditched their good guy garb for their swimsuits. You see, the boys get excited when the temperature breaks 40 because they believe that indicates swimsuit season has begun. The boys were quite a sight running around in their swimtrunks while ice and snow patches still inhabited portions of our driveway and lawn. But, they were having a blast.

After four months sequestered in the house, I didn't stop the bathing suit frolicking. They were celebrating, spring has sprung. If I was under five I might be wearing a swimsuit too, jumping over the ice and bypassing the snow!

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