Monday, April 19, 2010

The Boy Who Cried Ants

Oftentimes when I get together with my mom friends, we swap our "bad mom" stories. You know the stories where we've somehow botched our roles as mothers, but fortunately an amusing or lighthearted outcome arises from our mishaps. We share our self-deprecating tales to sympathetic friends who can relate, encourage and more than likely done the same thing.

Recently I had a really good story. In fact, now when one of my mom friends calls and shares her "bad mom" story I have the perfect story to convince her that she is not in fact the worst mom in the world. I think I've taken that title!

Here it goes: After returning from Florida, the boys slept in their own beds on Saturday night. Sunday morning we engaged in Easter festivities. In the midst of all the celebrating, Connor said, "My bed had like a hundred ants on it last night and they're crawling up the wall too." Connor is known for many wonderful things, but truth telling is not one of them. I thought, "Ants in a bed? I've never heard of it. Kitchen, maybe! Not a bed!" I dismissed his comments and we went on with our day.

Monday morning Connor woke up and said the same thing. My first thought was to disregard his "crazy talk," but a little voice in my head suggested I at least check out the bed. Good thing I did. I was completely shocked to see a slew of ants congregating on his comforter and ants indeed streaming up and down his wall. After the shock subsided, the guilt washed over me. Poor Connor, he slept in a pool of ants the last two nights even after informing his mom of his plight. I felt horrible. I apologized profusely to Connor and an exterminator arrived that day to rid the bed of the unwanted pests.

Connor and I discussed why I didn't believe him. It was his version of the "Boy who cried wolf." Connor's going to make more of an effort to tell the truth. I'm going to make more of an effort to believe him!

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