Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bug with Nine Lives

We have a bug (the virus type, not the insect) meandering its way around the house. So far two boys have been hit. (Chris said he might have just have received a pat.) Once hit, vomiting and intestinal problems ensue. Being that the victims are minors, they haven't mastered the ability to anticipate the onset of illness, arrive at the appropriate location to dispense of their discharge and most importantly-aim!! You can just guess how the last couple of days have been for me! I think I need to wear a holster carrying lysol on one hip and carpet spray on the other considering how frequently I am dispensing of those two products!

This isn't your ordinary bug; It's tricky! Caleb had a version of it this weekend. Come Sunday he appeared healthy and ready to go to school (to his dismay!). We sent all three boys to school on Monday. They spent lots of time probably hugging and licking all of their classmates just to ensure they shared all the germs with their favorite friends. That afternoon Connor succumbed to the illness. On Tuesday Connor appeared healthy again. I thought we had bid the bug adieu.

Today the bug came back with a vengeance. Of course, the bug reared its head at the most inopportune time. Connor's symptoms resurfaced in the morning right in the midst of our mad dash out of the door. He had some intestinal issues in the car when I was accompanying Caleb into the building and he remained in the car. Being the thoughtful boy he is, he attempted to clean up the car by himself. You can just imagine the stench and the appearance of our car when I returned!

I spent the morning assisting and cleaning up Connor and all impacted areas. Around noon, Caleb's school called to pick him up. He had spent the morning with intestinal troubles. I felt a little sheepish picking him up. I imagined the school secretary saw me as one of those mothers that tried to dump their sick children on the school so they can go on to other "important" things like tennis matches or shopping excursions. I apologized profusely to the secretary and escorted Caleb out of the building.

Once home, Caleb announced, "So guys, where should we go for the afternoon?" He didn't appear the least bit sick and seemed thrilled to have an afternoon that he could potentially tour the city. I reminded him sick kids don't do museums or libraries or parks. I tried to make the sick afternoon as un-fun as possible!

All the boys appear healthy at this juncture, but this virus may have nine lives! I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I don't get hit! Who takes care of a sick mom?

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