Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Bungled Easte

I bungled Easter. I know what you're thinking, "How is that possible? Target has only had about a dozen rows of Easter goodies on display since Christmas! Haven't you passed those rows a million times! Haven't you noticed the Lenten decor at church?" I have no good answer; it just happened.

The boys awoke us this morning with grins plastered on the face. Caleb announced they couldn't wait to discover what goodies the Easter bunny had left them. My eyes flew open and I jumped out of bed. I fabricated some story about Daddy needing to talk to them while I ran downstairs. Fortunately, I have a bag of spare sale toys I keep for birthday gifts. I grabbed four toys and launched them onto our breakfast table. Just in time, I might add, the boys arrived about ten seconds later and none the wiser.

There was no advance planning on cute little Easter outfits. When I dropped the boys off at their Sunday School class, they stuck out like a sore thumb. All the other little boys adorned pastel argyle sweater vests with matching khaki or madras shorts. The girls were decked out in floral dresses with velvet hairbands and satin shoes. My boys wore the outfits we had on hand and some even wore (gasp) tennis shoes!

We did hold an Easter egg hunt for the boys. I didn't have much "Easter" candy, so I filled most of the easter eggs with candy hearts. One of the boys commented that they looked like the same candy hearts from Valentine's Day. (Darn kids with their memories, he was right!)

Easter was not a total loss. We made it to church as a family. And, church was followed by a sit down meal, just the six of us. We feasted on actual homemade cuisine: juicy roast beef, creamy mashed potatoes, rich green bean casserole and out of this world orange rolls (thanks to a recipe from Paula Deen).

My Easter omissions, though unintended, helped our family keep the main purpose of Easter center in the day: a risen Christ who came for those who even forgot his day.

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