Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contentment in the Chaos

Today started with another sick kid. If you're keeping track (like I am), that makes 12 consecutive days of at least one ill child. The lesson I've learned from this experience: don't get your carpets cleaned unless you're absolutely sure an illness has run its course through your family. We learned that lesson the hard way. The carpets were cleaned on Saturday just in time to be saturated with another round of spew (and this one hurled over a top bunk!).

Caleb was our sick child du jour, resulting in yet another sick day from school. Having a sick child is a balancing act. I try to make the day pleasant for the whole family but not so enjoyable that a particular young man prefers sick days over school days.

The day actually went pretty well. Bringing four kids back into the mix is an adjustment when you're use to having one in school all day. Everything can be going smoothly and within a moment's notice all chaos can break loose.

Cooper is typically the one who begins the chaos. When Cooper's not around and the house is eerily quiet, I become concerned. Today, during some of those "quiet" moments, I found him sitting on top of the dresser and at another time exploring our grill. The other day I found him holding safety scissors dangerously close to his little brother's chest. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "I'm trying to see his heart." Poor Collin!

As expected, today's chaos began with Cooper. I was rushing around the house when suddenly I noticed the quiet. Upon further exploration, I discovered Cooper holding a measuring cup sitting on the washing machine. Laundry detergent was cascading down the sides of the machine and blanketing the floor. As I'm dealing with Cooper and the powdery floor, I hear Caleb say, "Mom, don't worry I've got the car keys and I'm putting the kids in the car." In my head I'm thinking, "That is exactly why I should worry!" Enter chaos!

As the day progressed, the realities of caring for sick and squirmy children took its toll. In the afternoon, I was reading a children's book to Connor when I came across this passage, "His heart was light, for he possessed the best thing in the world, which is contentment." That passage resonated with me. Today I have sick and crazy kids, tomorrow may bring a new set of challenges, but the best way to parent is just to find the contentment in it all. For the rest of the day, I did.


  1. We missed you yesterday! I hope everyone is feeling better today and that today is a better day! HUGS!!!!

  2. Becky, I had no idea you had a blog until Jamie told me the other day. For my down time since then, I've read back several months and so relate to many of your adventures. Hugs and praying for you!!