Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cost of Sick Kids

The Cost of Sick Kids:

Professional carpet cleaning $100

Plumber $ 85

Gatorade $ 5ish

Over the counter medication $ 10ish

Replacement underwear $ 10ish

Replacement clothes Not yet purchased

Cost of days missed from private
school I don't want to know

Diet cokes drank to maintain
my energy level Again, I don't want to know

Chocolate consumed to
reduce anxiety Too much

Costs of phone calls to mom
to gather advice Whatever it is, it's worth it

Costs of phone calls to friends
to share all my woes I owe them a lot

Costs of mothering four boys
(whether sick or healthy) Priceless

Pray we eventually get healthy!


  1. Well, did it get you out of karate duty this week? That, too, sounds like it might be priceless! (I am praying that you'll all be healthy soon.)

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