Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Secret of Happiness

I would describe Connor, my second son, as typically content. He's content to sit and color for extended periods of time. He's content to play legos for hours. He's content to play by himself. Because he's so content and I have other children who aren't so content, he tends to have a lot of time being content alone.

Today Chris and I were busy. We had garages to clean, weeds to pull, grass to mow and laundry to fold. While we were trying to accomplish everything on our to do lists, we had to stop intermittently to deal with the not so content sons. As the day progressed Connor finally stopped me and said, "You can play with me if you want." He added, "You can play with me anytime you want." It broke my heart! Here we spent our day doing "needed" things while we missed out on the "thing" that needed us the most: Connor.

Our to do list got brushed aside. Connor sat on my lap and we read. While we were reading I could tell that he was more than content, he was happy and so was I.

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