Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Treat from Dad

As I suspected, our household bug had not run its course. Connor's symptoms resurfaced this morning. As a courtesy to our friends and neighbors, we voluntarily quarantined the boys within the walls of our house for the majority of the day. By late afternoon, the boys were ready to climb the walls. We decided to make an excursion to the emergency room to bring Daddy dinner. We figured wasn't everyone there sick already?

When I was growing up it was a treat to visit my Dad at work. It was interesting to see where he spent his days. My siblings and I loved seeing our pictures displayed in his office. We loved to meet his co-workers.

My most vivid memory of those office visits centered on the candy. Somewhere in my Dad's office we could always find a bowl full of hard candies. Candy was a novelty for us and we couldn't wait to fill our mouths with those sugary treats -the red spicy ones were the most memorable!

Reflecting on my memories makes me wonder what the boys will remember about visiting Chris at the hospital. I'm sure they enjoy seeing all the interesting medical equipment and gadgets. I know they like meeting all the delightful people that work within the ER: nurses, office staff, paramedics, and doctors. But, their favorite part of the visit has to be the sprite cans Chris dispenses to each boy. The boys know the ER houses a refrigerator stocked full of sprites, a treat drink for the boys. You can see them beaming as they hold their own individual can, gulping down the fizzy, clear substance.

In 20 years will the boys remember their Dad treating sick patients or handing them sprites? I'm betting the latter!

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