Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Words Can Hurt You

Once upon a time I couldn't wait to hear my kids speak. Their first words were magical. Now, words have become a real problem in this house- the bad ones that is. Fortunately, the words they use aren't the four letter type. Although, we did have one son come close. Around Christmas, this particular son shouted, "That sucks!" I think because we had just finished watching A Christmas Story, we implemented the old "soap in the mouth" sanction that worked on Ralphie in the movie. I'm not sure if this is a parenting technique promoted by Dr. Spock but let me just say it's not been said since!

The most popular "bad" words uttered in our house always begin with the word "fluffer." Some favorite variations of the word include: "fluffer face," "fluffer head," or "fluffer brain." I'm not sure if fluffer by itself is a bad word. To make such a determination, Chris and I have taken the "I know it when I hear it" approach. This approach allows us to examine the context, manner and intention of the party uttering the words. I have to say I've yet to hear "fluffer face" be used to encourage a brother or promote peace within the house.

We're trying to teach the boys contrary to popular nursery rhymes, "Words can hurt a brother" even if it's a made up one!

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