Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Art of Motherhood

Motherhood doesn't come with a handbook, an orientation session or any sort of examination. We're all thrust into motherhood, I guess, with the thought we'll learn as we go. I suppose the hope is we've learned by example in a sort of "motherhood apprenticeship" program we've been in since birth. We've watched our mothers and other mothers "master" their trade from infancy to adulthood. Surely something has rubbed off, right?

I've been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful mothers who taught me lots of "tricks of the trade." Here are some of the things I've learned from my favorite mothers:
My mom: My mom taught me ways to encourage my kids. She taught me to show them I love them through words and time. She taught me to be a good person and do good things and my kids would want to emulate those characteristics and mannerisms in their lives. She taught me to rely on my faith, and that will guide me in every other life decision.

My grandmother: My grandmother taught me to make and cherish time with family. She taught me children (and grandchildren and great grandchildren) feel loved when they are supported and encouraged in every way possible.

My grandmother Joseph: Although she is no longer with us, I learned so much from Grandmother Joseph. I learned to enjoy life and teach my kids to do so too. It's o.k. to eat a hot fudge sundae (and only that) for lunch every once in awhile. (I actually remember her doing that; I thought it was so shocking!)

My aunts: I learned to enjoy children. Both my aunts seem to truly treasure all the time with their children. They both taught me to encourage my children to have a strong relationship with their extended family. Holidays and other occasions are best spent circled by family.

My friends: The apprenticeship doesn't end when parenting begins. I'm still learning how to parent by watching my amazing friends parent their children. I've learned everything from how the best way to take four children to McDonalds to how to instill responsibility.

Thanks to all of you who've assisted me and trained me on my motherhood journey!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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