Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After at the accident site.

Seeing the best doctor at the hospital (we're a little biased!).

We've always been amazed that Cooper has never inhabited an ER bed. With all the crazy shenanigans and dangerous stunts Cooper attempts on a daily basis, it's a pure miracle he hasn't required more medical attention........until today!

The funny thing is Cooper wasn't doing anything particularly crazy. He wasn't jumping off a dresser (like he did last week) or running with scissors (that's happened too). Instead, he merely ran into the sharp edge of a piece of furniture. Once he made impact, he twirled around and displayed a forehead oozing with blood. At that point, I knew there was a reason I didn't enter into the medical profession. Just the sight of the crimson substance blanketing his face made me feel queasy and a little frantic. I immediately called Dr. Dad. We were instructed to make a run to the ER.

My sweet friend Cara agreed to take two of the boys during our ER stay. What a relief! Before I unloaded Connor to Cara's care, he repeatedly told Cooper, "If you die, you'll go to heaven and get wings." That's just like an older brother, always putting the worst case scenario out there! Amazingly enough, Cooper didn't seem very impacted by Connor's dire words. Maybe the whole "wing" thing intrigued him!

Cooper was a real trooper in the ER. He received four stitches from Chris and remained calm during the whole process. (Surprisingly, I remained calm too!) Cooper received a celebratory cookie for his calm demeanor in the ER.

Chris is hoping to just treat other people's kids tomorrow (and me too)!

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