Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating Nine Years

Last night we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary! We went to Plum's Upper Room to celebrate the occasion. The best word I can use to describe Plum's is serene. The best word I can use to describe dinner is tranquil. The best word I can use to describe the evening is wonderful!

The restaurant has a cozy, coffee house feel. The dining room is flanked with brick and exposed beams line the ceilings providing a rustic, romantic atmosphere. Comfy sofas and couches are intermixed with distressed tables and rod-iron chairs. The restaurant serves gourmet meals where you can expect to have your entree include fresh yummy ingredients like artichokes, portabellas and ripe tomatoes.

As I'm thinking about the evening, it reminds me how much has changed from our wedding day to our ninth anniversary.

On our wedding day: I spent loads of time primping for the occasion. I had my hair and makeup done by a professional.

Nine year later: I threw on some lipstick and a little deodorant at the last minute.

On our wedding day: I had a beautiful gown altered so it fit perfectly.

Nine years later: I threw on whatever was clean. (And for my MOPS friends reading this blog: yes, I'm wearing the same shirt today!)

On our wedding day: We were surrounded by our family and friends celebrating our beautiful day.

Nine years later: Our babysitter told us congratulations and we left the house amid tears and pleads not to leave (by the under eight crowd).

On our wedding day: Chris and I laughed and recounted all the glorious details of the ceremony and reception.

Nine years later: The conversation flowed, but jumped from discussing health insurance, plumbing problems, discipline issues and an assortment of other necessary "grown-up" topics. (Although we had a lot of laughs too!)

On our wedding day: We were in love and felt close to each other.

Nine years later: We're still in love and closer today than nine years ago.

Happy Anniversary to Chris. I found the perfect one (for me)!

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  1. That's okay, Becky. I'm on day #2 of my outfit, as well. Hey, if it is still (reasonably) clean, why create more laundry?