Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Collin and Cooper join neighbor girls in craft time.

Collin dumps a glass of red Kool-Aid down his front!

Water balloon fight!

200 water balloons provide loads of fun!!

Summer is here, at least according to the school calendar. To mark the genesis of summer, we had a "Welcome summer" party for the kids. What's the best way to celebrate when you're under ten? With sugar and water, of course!

Thirty-one neighbor kids (plus their parents) congregated in our yard to partake in the festivities. The kids definitely weren't lacking in sugary treats (in fact I felt a little sheepish when my dentist friend witnessed the full sugary buffet!). The main treat served was "worms and dirt" sundaes accompanied by either Hawaiian Punch or Kool-Aid. The kids were in heaven!

As for the water, our yard was filled with an assortment of summer favorites: an inflatable pool, a slip 'n slide, and a water table (among others). The kids loved them all, but they were absolutely giddy when the water balloons arrived. Chris and another Dad blew up 200 water balloons and placed them in a bucket in the center of our yard. The kids were instructed to remain on our deck until the word "go" was proclaimed. At that time, all children had the green light to snatch water balloons. At "go," the children raced off our deck and scurried to grab any unclaimed balloon. Those children with balloons began the tossing, and the jolly mayhem began.

The afternoon was fun, just like I am hoping for our summer.

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