Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little Mini Coop

Cooper has been, well, Cooper the last several days! I really think he is more than one person can watch. Here's what I've learned in the last three plus years of parenting Cooper: 1) If he's nowhere to be found, be concerned; 2) if he's not made any noise in the last few minutes, be concerned; 3) if he's holding any personal item you own say goodbye to that item (I'll guarantee you'll never see it again); 4) if you think something is impossible for him to climb, reach, or destroy, think again!

Cooper was at it again yesterday. Collin had just awoke from a nap and I was tending to him in his groggy, needy state. I'd say about 10-15 minutes later I noticed the house was eerily quite. I search the parameters. No Cooper. This could be bad! I went outside, but still no Cooper! By chance I gazed into our minivan and noticed the doors were open. Inside the van was Cooper holding a sliced open chocolate chip bag. He must have severed the bag outside the car, because that's where I first noticed the line of chocolate morsels. The chocolate morsels littered the floor of the car and a slew of them were in the trunk. Cooper looked happy as a clam with a brown substance caked on his cheeks and mouth. To add to the mayhem, the car had been roasting out in the sun. The heat had begun to melt the chocolate chips onto my poor minivan's carpet and interiors. I wanted to shout, "Why Cooper, why? Can't you just quietly play with trains?"

Today Cooper got into the permanent markers. Of course he seized the moment I was working on dinner to snag the markers and then proceed to decorate both he and his little brother's face. Again, I wanted to shout, "Really, why?"

I've told you my challenges with Cooper, but what I haven't mentioned is that he is the best snuggler in the world! He's the type that holds on tight and won't let go. Tonight while we were snuggling, he told me he was going to marry Bryn (his playmate). I got a little teary eyed. For all he does, I don't know if I'll be ever ready to let him go. He's a lot of work, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

(The picture is of my little Cooper donning a wig! I finally learned to add pictures to my blog!)

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