Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day of Celebrating

Connor and I enjoyed his Mother's Day celebration at school!

It's Mother's Day weekend! Part of my Mother's Day present from Chris was some alone time today. Originally he offered to watch the kids all day. Great! I was imagining all the fun and relaxation I could squeeze into an eight hour day! Then I remembered our schedule: drop off for two kids at two schools, a mother's day celebration at one school, groceries that needed to be purchased and pick up from schools. Suddenly, my all day Mother's Day celebration had turned into about a two hour Mother's Day celebration.

I was still thrilled to have some alone time. The day started at so well. I actually showered and threw on a skirt! The boys dressed before breakfast. My mother's day celebration day seemed to be progressing as planned. That's when things started to unravel.

Cooper got applesauce on his shirt. (Outfit change one.) Collin got applesauce splattered on his shirt and hair. (Outfit change two, hair would have to stay as is.) Connor was dressed too warmly. (Outfit change three.) While changing clothes, Connor stepped on a toy (shocking, right!). His injured foot got blood on my clothes. (Outfit change four).

I begin to nurse Connor's wound with a spare band-aid. I've forgotten something about Connor. He detests band-aids. You bring a bandaid near his skin and he is beside himself. (It's funny because his brothers LOVE band-aids. They treat them as accessories to all of their outfits. They believe band-aids should be applied if there is even a hint or possibility that blood will appear.) Connor and I were at a standoff over the band-aid when I observed the time. I was ten minutes late already and my mother's celebration day was beginning to feel less cheery.

The rest of the day progressed better. I went to Connor's Mother's Day program at his preschool. Connor served me ice tea and mini muffins. He sat on my lap and I thought how happy I am to be his mom.

I took my two alone hours and finished my mother's day shopping. Then I ate lunch with a friend. Although we have a lot in common, what resonates the most between us is that we are moms. Today was our day to celebrate that!

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