Monday, May 31, 2010

First Day in the Pool

Chris burst through the doors at 7:07 p.m. after working a 12 hour shift. Once he was acclimated to home, I announced I was taking my "mental health break." During the 12 + hours I spent with the boys today, we had many wonderful moments. But, our day had its challenges too.

One of those challenges was taking the boys to the pool. Memorial Day weekend signifies the commencement of pool season. The boys couldn't be happier! They adore frolicking in the icy waters (the pool's not heated!), cavorting with neighborhood pals and roughhousing with any and all available siblings.

Today I attempted to take all four... alone! I think watching all four any day presents its challenges but when you throw in a body of water and the potential for drowning, things can get quite vexing.

The boys actually behaved fairly well at the pool with the occasional hiccup. One of those "hiccups" occurred when I spied Cooper peeing on the pool playground without any thought to the other children or parents milling around (or to the thought an actual bathroom lie just a few feet away).

I was recounting Cooper's shenanigans to Chris when another brother piped up. He said, "Cooper shouldn't have gone in the grass. He should just go in his swimsuit." Chris replied with astonishment, "While you're in the pool?" This brother shot us a look like, "And that's wrong?" Sometimes I've had a moment like this as a parent where I assumed something was just understood. Looking back, I'm not sure if we ever instructed our children not to pee in a pool. I think we just assumed they wouldn't. Lesson learned: Never assume!

For those who have swam in a pool with my children, my sincere apologizes. Aren't we all grateful for chlorine?

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