Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I went to an autism support group today. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the experience. Would we all be holding hands and crying? Would I click with the other women? Would my experiences mesh well with others in the group?

I was pleased. The support group consisted of about ten mothers. Each woman took a turn sharing about their child. I didn't witness any tears shed, but hearts poured out with stories only the woman in the room could truly understand. Funny anecdotes were shared about our quirky asperger's children. Everyone laughed because they could relate and had their own equally funny story. My favorite part was the opportunity to throw out a question to this group of educated, experienced moms on a topic that occupies the majority of my day. I appreciated their thoughtful and wise responses on everything from karate classes (of course that was my question) to climbing up on roofs (some kids actually do that!).

What stuck with me the most about these moms is how empathetic they are to their child. I think it is because most of the other women are further along in the journey, but they really seemed to "get" their child and know how to parent accordingly. That is definitely something I'm working towards.

For now, I'm hoping the group will equip me with understanding and acceptance and I can pass that on to the new mom that walks through the door next time.

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