Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Takes a Garage Sale

The boys with their garage sale purchases.

Today was neighborhood community garage sale day. Since we have a slew of baby paraphernalia lying around the house with no intended future usage, we decided to participate. I accumulated all unused items, clustered them in groups and displayed them in an orderly fashion on our driveway. I spent the morning lounging around the goods, talking to neighbors and strangers that happened upon our sale.

The boys were thrilled about garage sale today. To them it was like Toy R Us had landed at all their neighbors' houses and they could purchase anything that could be found for $1. Of course, the toys you find at garage sales for $1 are typically stellar: wobbly cars, stuffed animals with missing appendages, and transformers that no longer transform. But, they did happen upon a tween age boy unloading his bakugans. In their eyes, they hit the jackpot! Each purchased a "gently used" bakugan and the seller threw in a bakugan card as a bonus!

I think there's a reason they call it "community" garage sale. The boys mingled with the neighbors and enjoyed the company of all the other children on the block who equally treated today like an early Christmas. I reconnected with absentee neighbors and new acquaintances.

To us, it wasn't so much about the goods we were unloading but the friendships we were adding.

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