Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seeing Stars

The last couple of weeks have had their challenges. We've had the never ending sickness, discipline issues and day to day hassles. That being said, today the three younger boys and I decided to have some fun. What's more fun than the Children's Museum? After being to the Children's Museum umpteen times, the kids and I experienced something new: we watched a show at the planetarium. The fun dial just shot up about ten points!

The boys were enthralled. The dome-shaped, room-sized ceiling formed the screen that featured the cosmic production. The show centered on a cardboard box "rocket" that zooms into outer space and explores the solar system. Sitting in the seats we truly felt like we were bouncing among the craters of the moon and whizzing past the rings of Saturn.

The "fun" I had was just watching the boys. Connor and Cooper decided to share a seat. (That made me nervous too!) They continually rotated positions in the seat. They alternated between having Cooper saddled on Connor's lap to sitting side by side in their close quarters. They actually got along and seemed to enjoy each other's company and the experience together!

Collin, amazingly enough, fell asleep on my chest. That hasn't happened in awhile. I treasured those moments, knowing from experience holding a slumbering baby will soon be a thing of the past. He was peaceful and sweet and I could have held him forever.

After the show, we were all happy, although I think it was for different reasons!

(Sorry no pictures today! )

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