Sunday, May 23, 2010

Suddenly Summer

Today was hot - 80s hot! It was as if summer burst in and ordered spring to vacate the premises. I'm not complaining. Summer is my favorite season! What's not to like? It's the season where you can find a million things to do by merely stepping outside.

The boys certainly found things to do. Of course when the weather becomes a little sultry, the best play involves water. So water play dominated a large part of the afternoon. The boys were entertained in our yard until they saw our two tween neighbors unveil a ginormous sprinkler ball. It took all the restraint the boys could muster to not sprint over to the neighbor's house the minute they lay eyes on the sprinkler ball. However, after asking for permission, they darted over to the sprinkler ball and did just about everything possible to potentially puncture the $9.99 CVS inflatable toy. (I have to say I'm very impressed with the amount of pressure this item can withstand!) The boys had a blast. Of course, I'm not sure what Cooper liked best: hanging out with the tweens or playing with the ball! (After all, most days he acts like he's a teenager trapped in a three-year-old's body!)

After playing with the ball, the water guns emerged. Water guns are always a crowd pleaser, but inevitably someone ends up in tears. The one in tears is always upset that he got wet. That always leaves me perplexed. How can a boy wearing a swimsuit, standing among a crowd of swimsuit wearing neighbor kids who are all clinging to water guns, hoses, water ballons and sprinklers, still act surprised and traumatized by being wet? I've been trying to teach them one of the "risks" of being in that situation is that the potential for ending up drenched is extremely high. Despite my warnings, I can be guaranteed some tears will flow.

The boys fell asleep the minute their heads hit the pillow tonight! Ah, another benefit of summer!!!!

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