Saturday, May 22, 2010

This afternoon I took Caleb to a birthday party. I was SO happy he was able to spend time with some classmates! I took Connor with me to Caleb's party drop off with the thought Connor and I could spend some time together once Caleb was happily acclimated.

Because the party was 45 minutes from our home, Connor and I had to find entertainment close to the party location for the next 1 1/2 hours. A miniature golf course lay directly south of the party; Connor asked if we could play. Normally I would have said no. Normally I have a reason to say no...."We're too busy, we don't have time!"......"There's no way I can watch the four of you at a miniature golf course"......."It's too cold- wet-hot." Today I couldn't think of any reason to say no, so I said yes. It felt very odd to let "yes" tumble off my tongue.

So Connor and I played miniature golf. We weren't any good, and we decided not to keep score (did we really need to see how bad we were in writing?). In fact, we'd give each other high fives if we scored our personal bests: a hole in three! I really think our balls had some sort of magnetic pull to the water, sand or rocks that surrounded the course. They certainly landed on everything but the course the majority of the time.

Our rules were a little loose. If we shot off course, we could place the retrieved ball anywhere within the course. Logically, we each would place the ball strategically next to the hole. But, when you're as bad as we are, that really didn't seem to matter.

The hour plus I spent with Connor was a treat, Connor made it that way!

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