Thursday, May 20, 2010

A True Blue Room

Our anniversary present arrived today! It came in the form of two buckets of paint and a painter! We finally did it! We've finally put a new color on our bedroom walls! For the last five years, the last thing I see at night and the first thing I lay eyes on in the morning are jack-o-latern hued walls (Chris told me the correct name is "terra cotta"). Whatever you call it, our walls were orange thanks to the first owners of the house. The prior owner's belongings looked wonderful with the carrot colored walls. But I knew at first glance, orange would not be the color that would stay.

So how did we let five years fly by without a single drop of paint hitting the walls? That's easy: we kept having children. Between the diaper changing and potty training, we had little time or energy to devote to master bedroom aesthetics. And whatever decorating funds we had were mostly spent on kid room and nursery decor.

But we finally decided with all the chaos in our lives, a master bedroom that could be used as a (somewhat) peaceful retreat would be divine. We thought the serenity could begin with the shades on the wall. Gray wisp now flanks the parameters (basically they're blue). It reminds me of the color of the ocean or a clear sky. In my opinion, the walls are serene and placid and beautiful.

I'm excited to go to bed surrounded by a sea of carolina blue. I'm hoping for peaceful dreams and tomorrows!

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