Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Week of Lasts

Caleb at his last week party! (So good to see him with his classmates!!)

Cooper and his teacher on the last day of school.

Today is the week of lasts...last days of school! The lasts are staggered too: Coooper was Monday, Caleb is Wednesday and Connor is Friday. The last week of school is always a gloomy week for me. Historically, I've spent at least one night in tears.

You may think my melancholy mood stems from the fear of a long summer with no organized activity (that has caused a wee bit of trepidation). Actually, I think my tears stem from mourning. Mourning the fact my boys are yet another year older.

Many a day I count the minutes until the end of the day, and actually pine for the time when the kids get just old enough to....(fill in the blank). But when a day (or week) comes about where I actually witness how time has progressed, I'm filled with a hunger to suspend time and insure my sons transform into modern day Peter Pans in a perpetual state of youth.

The reality is every year I'm working my way out of my job, and I'm not quite ready to be unemployed. But, that's the way it should be. It's just the growing pains can sting a little bit, especially in a week like this!

I asked Caleb tonight what he thinks about finishing first grade. He replied, "It went by in a jif." It certainly did!

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