Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beautiful Music

Just around the age of eighteen months, all of my boys have developed a crush. The object of their affection is crimson, furry and highly energetic. You guessed it: Elmo.

Collin has followed his brother's lead, and is head over heals for that fury monster. Collin's admiration is a recent development. You see, he hasn't had much exposure to Elmo or Sesame Street in his one plus year on Earth. (Encouraging his seven year old brother to watch Big Bird over Batman is a pretty hard sell!) But, we've found pockets of time to laugh at Snuffaluffagus or Bert and Ernie. Collin enjoys watching the antics of the rest of the Sesame Street gang, but when Elmo arrives on the screen he's bursting with excitement unable to contain his delight!

Today Collin and I turned on a few minutes of Elmo's World. Collin's eyes twinkled, he flashed a grin and jumped out of his seat in anticipation. He begun to chat Elmo (or more like, "Melmo"). Then, he attempted to sing the introductory song to Elmo's World. I don't think he's ready for show choir, but for a seventeen month old he did pretty well. He only attempted one line from the song, "Na Na Na Na." He repeated those sounds over and over. At the time, I realized this was the first time I'd heard him sing!

Thinking about his song makes me giggle. It was funny, and cute, and I was glad to witness a singing voice that was truly beautiful music to my ears.

(P.S. Thanks for all of your sweet comments about Caleb's Boy Scout camp experience. He has had a successful rest of the week! Thanks to my Dad and Chris for taking the time to attend camp this week!)

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