Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Blame Game

Collin's deeply distraught that I placed him off my hip to take this photo!

I checked my voice mail this afternoon. A friend had inadvertently (or maybe her child has accidently) dialed my number. You could tell because no formal message was ever left. The message consisted of muffled voices and conversations unrelated to anything concerning our family. In the 30 seconds I inadvertently eavesdropped, no startling revelations or embarrassing monologues were overheard. That being said, I'm sure my friend would be mortified.

Thinking about the message, made me hope that today's family conversations weren't broadcasts! You see today my patience was corroding, taking with it all hopes to be the parent that would make the Supernanny proud.

Of course it's always someone else's fault, right? Today I guess I'll place the blame on the heads of four little boys. Connor was a ball of emotion that rivaled the likes of any teenage girl. Cooper was "oppositional." If I were to say, "The sky's blue." He'd scream, "It's purple." He'd carry on until you'd finally cry "uncle" and admit, "The sky has a purplish tint." The only time Collin would stop wailing was when he was being held. The whole day I pined for an extra limb dreaming of the days when I could actually unload a dishwasher or prepare dinner with TWO working hands! And, Caleb was well.......

That being said, ultimately the blame does rest on me. Whatever challenges come my way, I need to parent them with love, patience and self control. It's just somedays are harder than others.

If today you received an inadvertent call from the Woods, my apologies. But tell me, did anyone receive a call?

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