Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plan B

Caleb takes the wheel.

Cooper found something he is actually allowed to climb!
How appropriate!

No swimsuits needed, just water!

We awoke to the patter of rain. Connor's t ball game was cancelled. The boys were climbing up the walls, desperately needing something to do. We needed a plan B. I remembered my friend Betsy recommended a children's museum in Lafayette. At the time I thought, "Someday we'll have to go." Well, today was that someday!

The kids and I made the trek to the Imagination Station in Lafayette. It's a children's science museum that could only be described as "petite." What it lacks in size, it makes up for in activity. The boys gallivanted among the exhibits and hands on displays. Although they thoroughly enjoyed manning the controls on several aircraft exhibits, the legos were the biggest hit. The boys discovered a colossal tub of legos. It was like they hit the jackpot. I seriously think I could have dropped the boys off at 8 a.m. and picked them up at 5 p.m. only to have found them at the same spot crafting structures and vehicles from the plethora of lego pieces.

After a couple of hours, hunger encouraged them to bid the legos adieu. We stopped at Subway to refuel and then with the rain a distant memory we visited a nearby park. The boys and I were expected some swings and maybe a slide. Boy were we surprised! The park had an expansive playground that was accompanied by an amazing FREE zoo (not huge, but FREE!).

The zoo was adorable. The boys loved observing the animals. We were able to get closer to a kangaroo than I ever thought possible. Cooper got extremely close to a rooster. So close that he spent the remainder of the zoo trip clutching rooster feathers. (I'm sure that rooster will never be the same!)

At the conclusion of our zoo trip, the boys discovered some water fountains shooting from the ground. We were grossly unprepared for any water play, but this didn't discourage the boys. They frolicked among the spraying water, enjoying their respite from the heat and humidity. I watched them as their faces were beaming and squeals and giggles emerged as they splashed, darted and leaped over the shoots.

We made it to the cars will all the boys drenched down to their socks. With no back-up clothes, they traveled au naturel on the trip home but they didn't mind.

We're all sad Connor missed his game, but Plan B was pretty wonderful too!

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