Friday, June 25, 2010

Show Time

Cooper having fun in the morning!

This afternoon I took the three older boys to Toy Story 3. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more: the boys or me?

Every time I go to the movie theater, I wonder whether it's worth the money. Won't Netflix offer the same flick in just a few weeks? But, there's just something magical about watching a movie IN the theater. I'm sure the theater "treats" have something to do with the appeal. The boys and I always split a tub of buttery popcorn. Sometimes the popcorn is paired with a fizzy gallon-sized sprite (a huge treat for boys whose liquid intake rarely deviates from milk or juice!). At this point, I'm not sure they even need a movie. I imagine they would be perfectly content to just guzzle popcorn amid swigs of sprite.

But once the theater darkens and the first preview begins, a hush falls over the boys. They are mesmerized with the two story screen and the amplified sound. I'm sure their little minds are thinking, "And we thought TV was pretty amazing?"

Toy Story 3 was adorable. It chronicled the journey of Andy's toys in their quest to discover their ultimate home. Amazingly enough, Andy is preparing for college in this movie and his toys may not make the same journey. The movie centered on children growing up and everyone around (toys included) adapting to that change. While watching the movie, I teetered between laughing out loud to holding back tears during some of the truly touching moments. (I know what you're thinking...isn't it just a cartoon?)

At the end of the movie, Cooper occupied my lap with his legs swinging over my knees. I was clutching his arms with my palms. I could still feel squishy baby fat shrouding his biceps. Just feeling his gushy flesh gave me comfort. He's still so little and I'm in no rush for that to change!

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