Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Celebrations

Memaw and the boys pre-swim!

Caleb's finally tall enough for the big water slide (a major milestone!)

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers that surround us! It's been a weekend of celebrating for our family.

Yesterday, we celebrated with my dad (or Papa as he's known by the boys). We left the manner of celebrating up to Papa and he chose to take the boys to the Plainfield water park. I'm sure that's just the way he wanted to celebrate, but it was just like him to think about an outing that would "wow" the boys. The boys had a blast whizzing down the slides, operating the water guns and floating along the "lazy river."

Today, we're celebrating with Chris, allowing him his choice of afternoon activity. Chris said the best gift we could give him was free time (something I can definitely understand). This afternoon he traded in his scrubs for his handyman gear. He's using his afternoon to scratch off several lines of his "honey do" list (before it expands again).

On this Father's Day I'd like to say a few words about the father's in our lives:

My Dad (Papa): Thanks for being the dad you can compliment in specifics, not just generalities. You aren't just an involved dad, you were the dad who attended every game, match, award ceremony and graduation. In fact, despite your busy work schedule, I can't remember you missing one of anything. You aren't just the dad who kept in touch, you were the Dad who wrote me letters in college and who sends his grandkids postcards just to brighten their day. You aren't just the dad who helps out, you were the dad that attended Boy Scout camp with his grandson when he needed someone else there. I could go on, but thanks for just being you.

Chris: Before we had kids, I assumed you'd be a good dad. After all, I imagined that pediatrics training would be put to good use. You have surpassed all my expectations! One of the things I admire about you the most is that you're extremely involved. I've seen you chaperone field trips (one that was in hour and a half school bus trip with a bunch of kindergartners!), participate in boy scout meetings, watch ball games, attend story times, and watch school plays. You've done all these things happily while still maintaining your grueling work schedule, because I know you have a deep desire to be an active, loving parent to your boys. I know the boys are blessed to have you, and will one day reflect on how happy their childhood was because you were in it.

Grandpa Wood (Chris's Dad): When I see you with the boys, I can see a sparkle in your eye. I think you're enjoying watching the activity and observing just some of the mischief that arises when they work in tandem. Even though we don't live close, I hope the boys know their grandfather well and the bond of family stays strong.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day of celebrating!

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