Thursday, June 24, 2010

House Party

Cooper on the slide before they decided to add the garden hose!

The boys had camp again this morning. By the afternoon, we were scratching our heads, pondering just what to do. I offered some suggestions, but each idea was dismissed and no consensus could be reached. By default, that meant an afternoon at home.

I was a little bummed. Sometimes taking the boys out of the house is easier than keeping them within the confines of our walls. At home, the boys seemed to get bored easy. Once bored, mischief and roughhousing quickly follow suit. Sometimes I yearn to just place them in the car so they'll all be fastened into one place, unable to destroy a room or pound on a brother.

But the afternoon was actually quite pleasant. The boys crafted their own water slide by rigging the garden hose onto the play-set slide. Once the slide became amply moist, the first boy positioned himself on the slide's apex. The slick surface made each boy whiz down the slide in rapid succession. I think the combination of speed and potential for injury made it that much more appealing to each boy.

After about a zillion slides and some sore tushies, we took a break for a little TV time and dinner. As soon as the last bite was consumed, we headed outdoors to maximize on the sunshine and outdoor play. This time the boys and I competed on in a series of running races. I was fully prepared to let them win or at least put up a good race. But, they actually were pretty fast. I felt a little winded just trying to keep up with my three year old!

After Connor took a tumble on the cement and blood began to gush, we brought the party inside. Connor is the son that will milk an injury for all its worth (probably gets it from his mother!). Of course, I love to cuddle. So, I nursed his injury on the couch with Wheel of Fortune blaring from our TV. Slowly, the other boys and Chris trickled around the screen. Pretty soon, the six of us were snuggled on the couches shouting out letters and attempting to solve the puzzles. Intermittently, Chris and I would bicker over whether the hostess was really Vanna (we finally agreed it was actually Vanna...with a little work done!).

The afternoon and evening taught me fun can be had at home. Sometimes, enjoyment is best found in the simple things...slick slides, driveway races and Wheel of Fortune.

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