Friday, June 18, 2010

How Resourceful!

A pile of household goods and clothing is laying in my garage awaiting a trip to Goodwill. Among the pile is a hand held breast pump. (One item I will gladly donate!) Cooper was rummaging among the pile when he unearthed the pump. I'm sure the little wheels in his head were turning trying to determine just what the heck he discovered. But his resourcefulness encouraged him to invent uses for his new "find."

First, the pump became a gun. This should come as no surprise, as everything in our house can be turned into a gun! He ran around the yard, armed with his pump/weapon slaying the bad guys. (I'm sure those bad guys were just a wee bit confused that his choice of firearm was plastic and shaped in a cone.)

Next the pump was used as a garden tool. Who needs a shovel or a hoe when you have a perfectly good breast pump to use? The pump mashed, scooped and rearranged his potted dirt and rocks. He had a ball and kept telling me what a good gardener he was (an unconventional gardener in the least).

Being that the pump providing Cooper with so much entertainment, I'm questioning whether the pump should remain a fixture in the Wood house. It's definitely been put to use once or twice in this house, but I think retirement is in its future. Sorry Cooper!

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