Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lunch under the Arches

In a family with four kids rarely can they all agree on a proposed outing. Two kids may want to swim, while one feels passionate about the library and a fourth doesn't want to venture out at all. However, there is one destination I know will be greeted enthusiastically by all four boys: McDonalds. If we mention a proposed trip to the Golden Arches, cheers erupt and high fives are exchanged.

For a summer treat, I escorted the boys to McDonalds for lunch. The boys scarfed down their greasy fares. (Connor shoved down a fistful at a time.) Then sloshed it down with single serving milk jars.

After lunch, the boys romped around the outdoor play land while a multitude of potential playmates swirled around. They were having so much fun, I was even able to sit on a bench for a few minutes and just watch the commotion from afar. (How I miss sitting!)

Lunch was a delight and fun was had by all!

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